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Jacek Jan Snopczyński
University degree, graduated from Polytechnic of Warsaw, Mechanical and Technical Department.

Long-term employee in a Central Bureau on Research of Standardisation - currently Polish Standardisation Committee (PKN). Author of the first Polish ergonomic norm and international standard ISO. As an Polish ISO expert, attended the ISO/TC 159 Committee in Geneva. Permanent member of the Work Protection Council in the Seym (lower House of the Polish parliament). Author of many domestic and foreigners researches in the ergonomic and standardisation field.

Since 1992 had dealt with insurance industry beginning with A.G.F. In 1994 started to co-operate with Canada Brokers, where his duty was among others to co-ordinate co-operation with leasing companies such as BRE-LEASING (former BRE - SERVICE).

At present co-operates with Asekurator2000 Brokerage House, specialising in:

  • motor fleet insurance
  • leasing instalments insurance
  • financial receivables connected with Finance Minister's license
  • industrial risks calculation in the field of technical preparation of production

Hobby – co-author, founder and long-term activist of Warsaw Collectors' Club. For more than 20 years has dealt with collections, specialising in Warsaw post-cards. His post-cards were presented many times on the exhibitions organised together with professor Wiktor Gomulicki in Warsaw History Museum and on the thematic exhibitions in Museum of Techniques, Museum of Wola, Museum of Independence and Measures and Scales Museum.
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