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Upon receiving your proxy, we determine the appropriate insurance cover for you with your differing types of risks taken into consideration

  • classic insurance (against theft, fire and allied perils, third party liability insurance etc.)
  • financial insurance (business interruption, sureties, warranties etc.)
  • personal insurance (individual and group, life assurance)
As part of our duties, we carefully analyze your individual needs thus establishing what in fact should be insured and what the premium to paid should be. Where we consider there is a need, we then suggest that you insure against those types of risks which are often excluded in standard insurance contracts. Those risks could represent a key position for you. In the field of non-life insurance, we strongly recommend, among others, insurance against theft, fire and allied perils, credit insurance, TPL insurance and motor fleet insurance.

We act as your company's advisor and intermediary in any matters dealing with life assurance and investment funds. We cooperate with the leading Open Pension Founds (OFE) within the terms of the Second pillar. We recommend group insurance for employees within the confines of Workers' Pension Schemes (the Third pillar).

We submit the contract of power of attorney to the insurance companies and having successfully negotiated a suitable policy for you, we are able to sign a contract on your behalf.

We would also just like to remind you that like a doctor, an insurance broker is obliged to keep any information learned about his clients absolutely secret. Information provided will therefore only be used for insurance purposes and otherwise treated as entirely confidential. Consequently, insight into your existing insurance cover would remain confidential. It would however, enable us to establish all your insurance needs allowing us to negotiate maximum possible reductions in insurance premiums.

In the event of your positive response, we will immediately begin to work on complete financial protection for your company.

In 1999, the Polish market was completely opened to foreign insurance companies. Therefore, with pleasure, we would be able to represent you on the ever widening and ever more complicated insurance market here in Poland.


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